What is the difference between a Pergola & a Verandah?

A pergola is:

  • A flat or pitched roofed structure (is an open-aired, shade cloth roofing or shade batons)
  • Can be attached to your home or built as a free-standing structure
  • Can be built with Treated Pine or Merbau timber

A verandah is:

  • A flat, pitched, double pitched or gable roof structure (fully roofed)
  • Attached to your home
  • Can be built using laserlight, colourbond or corrugated iron roofing
  • Can be built with Treated Pine or Merbau timber

Adding a pergola or verandah to your home can provide you with:

  • a shaded, protected space to relax and unwind in any type of weather, all year round
  • if integrated with a decking, you will have a functional space to entertain, relax, work etc. 
  • a space for you to grow climbing plants
  • added value to your home whilst providing you with additional space

Top Shelf Building & Carpentry will work with you to custom design your new structure. You can choose various roofing styles (gable, hipped, scallion and dutch gable) and materials for your pergola or verandah to ensure it meets the needs of your lifestyle and compliments your existing home and landscaping. By choosing Top Shelf Building & Carpentry to build your new pergola or verandah, you will have a protected area where you can rest, relax and entertain all year round.