Stairs & Handrails


Stairs can be built in conjunction with your deck, pergola or verandah to ensure maximum use of your new space. They can connect different levels of your deck or provide you with access to the landings below or above. Stairs can also be used as a decorative feature. Stairs can also be in-built into your decking to ensure the outer edge of your decking is equal and aesthetically pleasing.

Top Shelf Carpentry can build custom-made stairs to complement your new or existing outdoor area. Stairs can be made from treated pine, merbau timber plus spotted gum and other hardwood timbers.

To ensure the safety of your stairs, we recommend you build these in conjunction with timber or steel handrails.


Handrails can be built around your deck, pergola, verandah or stairway areas.

Handrails not only provide a decorative element to your outdoor areas, but are also imperative for safety, stability and support. Handrails are most regularly used when ascending or descending flights of stairs to assist in preventing falls and injuries.

Handrails can be made from a variety of materials including treated pine, merbau, hardwood timbers and stainless steel.