10 tips for keeping your deck clean

Deck Cleaning

Your decking is a great investment and addition to your home. By ensuring you keep on top of your deck care maintenance throughout the year, means your decking will be in tip top condition, ready for you to enjoy all year round.

10 tips to clean your decking include:

1. Sweep your decking on a weekly basis to prevent any build up of dirt and grime

2. Regular maintenance should include tightening of any loose boards or railings

3. Replace any damaged or rotted decking boards as soon as you can to avoid further damage and having to replace additional decking boards.

4. Ensure your deck is clear of any lose garden items such as gravel, rocks, mud, lawn clippings, leaves and rubbish. It is best to sweep these items away so they don’t create scratches on your decking or get “walked in” to the decking surface

5. Cut back any trees in the area around your decking to prevent large collections of leaves and debris falling on the decking

6. Remove any excess water from your decking to limit areas that mould and mildew (usually in the form of a black stain) may develop. Remove the mould or mildew from your decking immediately if you find it, to prevent any further damage. It is also important from a safety aspect that excess water is removed to prevent the risk of injury or accident due to the slippery surface.

7. If you have a BBQ on your decking, clean up any grease spills or stains immediately to prevent damage and staining to your deck.

8. Most pot plants have water drainage holes in the bottom of the pot and as such excess water may seep on to your decking surface. With no where to evaporate, this may cause stain marks. If you must have pot plants on your decking, ensure you move them around regularly to limit staining.

9. Rearrange and reorganise your decking furniture and accessories on a regular basis to prevent the timber from possibly discolouring in particular areas due to limited or excessive exposure to the elements (sunshine/ rain).

10. Stain/ re-stain your decking on an annual basis to ensure longevity and quality of the timber.

We only use and recommend Flood Australia for all our deck cleaning and staining.

Contact us today for your free quote to have your decking professionally cleaned and stained by us.

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